How To Take Care of Your Eyes Post Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is a laser refractive surgery that helps you in improving your vision. This surgery has been helpful to many people to improve their vision. Especially, today Lasik surgery has become the safest eye surgery you can go through. Today, the success rate of Lasik surgery is far much better compared to before. Normally, 99% of Lasik surgeries succeed. As a result, there is no harm or risk for you to go through Lasik surgery. In addition to that, Lasik surgery is a painless surgery. Although with all the myths you might be hearing around, you will not find Lasik surgery as harmful to you. Furthermore, you can find so many doctors with reasonable Lasik surgery costs in India (website). Every money you spend on your Lasik surgery will be worth it. Mainly because you will see a great improvement In your vision in a very short amount of time. 


Now, though Lasik surgery in Delhi (read more) is so common today people are still scared to go through it under Lasik surgery. Because of the risks. But you should know that this is all just a myth. You should know that Lasik surgery is not painful at all. With the sedatives, your eyes will get numb and you won’t even fill the thing. The procedure will be of a minimum of 15 minutes. The surgeon you hired will hold your eyelid open and reshape your cornea with his laser equipment. And after your cornea is reshaped he will flip your flap back. And there your surgery will be completed without any disturbance. However, there are several things that you must keep in your mind after your Lasik surgery is done. These things will help you to keep your surgery stable 


Things To Take Care of Your Eyes Post Lasik Surgery

  • Never Forget Your Sunglasses:

UV rays are always harmful to you before or after your Lasik surgery. Generally, UV rays affect the sensitive part of your body such as your skin and your eyes themselves. As a result, it becomes more important to protect your eyes after surgery. Doctors will recommend you to wear glasses to avoid UV rays that damage your eyes. At least for a few days after your surgery, you must wear UV-protected glasses. The UV-protected glasses will help your cobra to stay stable. Especially after the Lasik surgery, your eyes are very sensitive and prone to UV rays. It is also better if you wear glasses even after a long time of your Lasik surgery, it will help your skin too. 

  • Avoid swimming:

You might have heard a lot about avoiding swimming after your Lasik surgery. This is mere because it is true. You should avoid the water bodies at least for weeks after your surgery. This also includes that you should also avoid saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, etc. Mainly because the chlorine in the pools can cause many problems to your eyes. Such as, dryness, itchiness and it can also cause infection to your eyes. And as your eyes are much more sensitive after Lasik surgery, you are guided to avoid any kind of pools and water bodies. Even after two weeks, you should consult with your surgeon for better results.

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